Why Do My Disc Golf Putts Wobble? 5 Easy Ways to Fix a Wobble

I’ve practiced putting relentlessly trying to perfect my form and accuracy. But, when the disc comes out wobbly it makes putts less consistent and inaccurate, to say the least.

If you’ve had issues with the disc wobbling on putts, you’re not alone. I’m going to discuss 5 different ways you can fix this issue and get back to knocking down putts at will.

Here’s Why Your Putter Wobbles in Disc Golf

In disc golf, disc wobble is caused by an off-axis torque. Off-axis torque is when the disc is thrown and a force is applied that is not on the same axis that the disc is spinning. This causes wobble in the air. A wobbly disc can originate from an improper grip, not enough spin, or bad release of the disc.

Below, I’ll cover the 5 easiest ways to fix a wobbly disc when putting in disc golf.

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What Does OAT (Off-Axis Torque) Mean in Disc Golf?

Off-axis torque or OAT is a complicated way to say that there is some force being applied to the disc that does not allow for clean rotation of the disc. This is what causes the disc to wobble in the air.

Think of an imaginary line running straight through the middle of the disc, and the disc is spinning on that axis. This is shown in the illustration below.

When the disc is spinning cleanly on this axis then there would be no wobble. When you do something to add a force either up or down on the disc, this causes the disc to destabilize and creates the off-axis torque that makes for a wobbly disc.

Why is a Wobbly Disc Bad?

A wobble is bad because it will destabilize the disc in the air, create drag and cause the disc to be more or less overstable than it would if it was thrown cleanly.

It’s possible to make a disc wobble when driving, laying up, or any type of throw. When it comes to putting, a wobbly disc can affect accuracy and consistency with putts.

For longer putts, a wobbly disc can cut down on the distance needed to get the disc to the basket.

To be clear though, if your putt has a little bit of wobble to it, it’s not the end of the world. There are plenty of pros who have some wobble in their putts while still consistently hitting the chains of the basket.

When the wobble of a disc starts to negatively affect your ability to make shots that you’d normally make, it’s time to implement some changes to fix the wobble and get back to normal.

5 Ways to Fix a Wobble When Putting in Disc Golf

1. Change Your Grip

It seems like everyone has a slightly different grip style for putting. It can depend on the size of your hands, your fingers, etc.

A common fix for incorrect putting grip is making sure that the disc is sitting back in the palm of your hand.

Be sure that your hand is fanned out and open on the underneath of the disc. You want to avoid squeezing the rim of the disc when putting. This grip is commonly called the fan grip, and it’s used widely for putting.

When using the fan grip, a trick is to use your pinkie and ring finger to grip/pinch the disc for extra control.

The most important part is where you place your index finger on the disc. Take a look at the placement of your index finger on the disc.

It should be tucked slightly under the rim of the disc. The edge of the rim should be touching right where your first knuckle is.

What this placement with the index finger does is help to give the disc spin when it leaves your hand. The more spin, the less wobble.

2. Use a Spin Putt

Adding more spin on the disc when putting will increase accuracy and control. A spin putt is when you release the disc, you’re rotating your wrist at least 90 degrees.

Rotating your wrist adds an additional spin on the disc and helps guide the disc to the chains.

One way to ensure that your wrist is rotating enough and that you’re guiding the disc to the chains is to have your index finger finish pointing to the chains after the disc is released.

3. Try a Push Putt

Another alternative is to try a putting style that adds no spin at all to the disc. The push putt is the opposite of the spin putt.

Instead of rotating your wrist at the release, you’re keeping the wrist straight. This is more of a lob motion toward the basket.

The push putt is especially effective from short range inside the circle. In this case, less spin–or no spin–can mean less wobbling of the disc.

4. Alternate Your Release Point

For putts that aren’t a spin putt, the wrist will be relatively straight. The release point of the disc then will be your index finger.

As the disc leaves your hand, the disc will pivot off the index finger at release and create spin. Remember, that generally more spin means less wobble.

Work on holding the putter and focus on where your index finger is when the disc is released from your hand.

As we discussed in tip #1 the rim of the disc should rest on your index finger around where your first knuckle is.

Of course, everyone’s hands and fingers are different, so experiment with how you grip and where you release the disc to maximize spin without having to rotate the wrist too much.

5. Work on Your Putting Technique

Working on your putting technique will ensure a smooth throw and consistent release. What this means is that you should take a look at your form to eliminate any unnecessary motion in your form.

Sometimes it even helps to take a video of yourself to root out any hitches and extra movements that aren’t necessary for the throw.

Any unnecessary motion in your form will mean your body has to compensate to get the disc on the right line and plane at the time of release.

Summary | Why Does My Putter Wobble?

There can be multiple reasons why your putter wobbles when thrown. Sometimes the fix is obvious and other times it’s a process of elimination to find the culprit.

Just remember that some wobble is OK as long as it’s not impeding your ability to consistently make your putts.


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