What is a Disc Golf Bag Tag? (With Rules For Playing)

Just like in other sports, there are games within the game to increase competition and add a fun element. Disc golf is no different. Playing for bag tags is a fun way to add an extra element of competition to a round of disc golf.

We’re going to explain what a disc golf bag tag is, and break down the rules for disc golf bag tag competitions so you and your friends or local disc golf league can start your version of bag tags.

What is a Disc Golf Bag Tag?

A disc golf bag tag is a small physical tag with a number on it. The bag tag is always to be displayed on the disc golf bag. Participants play head-to-head or less commonly in groups. A person with a higher bag tag number can challenge a player with a lower number. If the challenger wins the round, tags will be exchanged. The person with the lowest bag tag number at the end of the season wins.

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What is a Bag Tag in Disc Golf?

Bag tags can come in many different shapes and sizes. Different leagues or clubs will make their bag tags to give to participants.

A disc golf bag tag could be a small leather tag with a number assigned to it or a metal tag with an emblem and a number. Some leagues can get creative with their bag tags, like creating bottle openers for tags or other medallions with a number assigned.

Typically a bag tag will be purchased by the participants. The fees usually go toward a fundraiser or to support the local club or other groups.

Depending on the local club or organization, bag tags will be distributed by the number on a first-come, first-serve basis. Other times a tournament will be held to determine tag numbers by performance.

Disc Golf Bag Tag Rules

The rules for bag tags can differ depending on the tournament, league, or the club sponsoring the bag tags. So, be sure to brush up on the local rules before the start of play.

Generally, most bag tag play will follow a similar set of rules. In addition to the standard rules of play, I’ll cover some important rules and challenge information to know.

Standard Rules of Play for Disc Golf Bag Tag

  1. Any player posessing a bag tag in-hand can challenge another player or be challenged by another player with a bag tag. These challenges can be head-to-head or in group play.
  2. Players with a high number bag tag can challenge a player with a lower number to a round of disc golf.
  3. Bag tags must be visible on the disc golf bag at all times. Challenges can’t be avoided by leaving the bag tag off the bag or concealing it.
  4. A challenge can be made in person, by phone, internet, e-mail or any other communication. Once accepted, other challenges can’t be accepted in the interim. Casual challenges also are not permitted during this time until the agreed upon challenge has been completed.
  5. The player being challenged has the right to choose the course and must be avialable to play as quickly as is fair and reasonable. Forfeitures can take effect if the challenger is unable to play within 30 days.
  6. If a reasonable date and time can’t be agreed to within a week of the challenge, the challenge is void and both players can participate in new challenges.
  7. Any changes to the original agreed upon challenge must be agreed to by both parties, otherwise forfeitures may occur.
  8. If the challenger ends the round with a lower score, bag tags must be traded immediately at the conclusion of the round.
  9. Challenges can only occur in a single round of disc golf.

League Challenge and Automatic Challenges

An automatic challenge can occur anytime there is a league or tournament round play and two tag holders are on the same card or group.

An automatic challenge is not subject to the same stipulations for challenges that are outlined in the standard rules. The challenge does not have to be made public or formally agreed upon before the start of the round.

If you’re playing in a league or tournament and faced with an automatic challenge, you won’t be able to deny or decide not to participate in the challenge. An automatic challenge can’t be denied.

Casual Challenges

Casual challenges occur when two tag holders meet on a course before a round and agree to play for tags, or agree to meet at a course to play for bag tags. This can either take place as a head-to-head challenge or in a group.

Be aware that for casual challenges, you can’t deny these challenges and continue to play a round.

Forfeiture Information

  • Sometimes people will do sneaky things to avoid having to possibly lose their bag tag. Here are some ways that a bag tag can be forfeited:
  • Purposely concealing or hiding the bag tag
  • Purposely not carrying the bag tag or forgetting to bring a bag tag, especially when other tag holders might be present
  • Refusing an automatic or league challenge
  • Avoiding all challenges or not participating in a challenge in a span of 30 days. This applies when the player holds a bag tag in the lower 1/3 of available numbers.


If you’ve challenged another player with a lower number and won, you are not obligated to accept or schedule a rematch with the person you’ve just beaten unless you compete in another challenge first, or one week has passed.

Of course, if you choose to immediately play a rematch, you may do so.

What Happens if There is a Tie in a Challenge For a Bag Tag?

If the disc golf round ends in a tie, the player who possesses the lower bag tag number will get to keep their original tag. This is straightforward in a head-to-head challenge.

In a group challenge, players will need to sort out who has lost their bag tag and who keeps their tag based on the different scores in the group.

How To Start Your Own Bag Tag Event

Starting your bag tag event can be a great way for a local disc golf club or league to raise money for a good cause or create some additional competition between members.

Setting up a bag tag event is pretty easy too. The organizers will only need to purchase a set amount of numbered bag tags and promote the event to others in the league or area.

Bag tags can be distributed on a first-come-first-serve basis or through a tournament that decides bag tag numbers based on performance.

Getting bag tags made is pretty easy too. A quick search on the internet will give plenty of options for bag tags of all shapes, sizes, or custom-made for your particular event.

Disc Golf Bag Tag Ideas

Disc golf bag tags can be pretty much custom-designed for any event or fundraiser you can think of. There are plenty of suppliers online that allow you to submit custom artwork or logos to be printed or engraved on bag tags. Here are some common bag tag ideas:

  • Metal Medallions
  • Engraved Metals
  • Laminated Cards with Custom Design
  • Plastic Tags with Custom Design
  • Leather Bag Tag Holder
  • Wood Bag Tags
  • Numbered Bottle Openers
  • Glass Bag Tags

Summary | Disc Golf Bag Tag

A disc golf bag tag event can add a fun competitive element to any round played or tournament round played. Not only that, bag tags are a great way for groups and clubs to raise money for good causes.

Most of the time, these events can become quite popular and the lower numbered bag tags can be used as a badge of honor. Securing the lowest numbered bag tag possible can get very competitive. Sometimes the low number bag tags are treated like gold.

It’s important to always be aware of the rules for challenges and automatic challenges in case you’re new to disc golf bag tag. Forfeiture of your bag tag is a horrible way to have to lose your tag.

Just remember, that a bag tag is meant to be fun and competitive. Don’t take it too seriously and remember that most of the time they are put on for a good cause.


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