What is a Disc Golf Ace Race? (Read This First!)

An Ace Race can be a fun event to play for anybody regardless of their skill level or experience with disc golf. All you have to do is score an ace on as many holes as possible!

You might not have heard of an Ace Race before, or you’ve heard of one but aren’t sure how they work. In this article, we’ll cover what an Ace Race is, the rules, and also how you can participate in an Ace Race near you.

Here is What a Disc Golf Ace Race is:

A disc golf Ace Race is a tournament format in which participants will play two rounds of 18 holes. Players have one throw per hole to score an ace or hit the metal of the basket. The distance of each hole is generally between 180 feet and 250 feet. The player with the most aces after 36 holes is declared the winner.

In this article, we cover the rules for an Ace Race and how you can participate in one, or even host your own.

How Do You Participate in an Ace Race?

Any disc golf club or organization can host an Ace Race event locally. But, the official Ace Race is sponsored by Discraft.

Using the official Ace Race website, you can locate a local Ace Race and contact the tournament director listed in the information.

All Ace Race events will be held in August, September, or October.

Each Ace Race will include an entry fee, but with the entry fee, you will also receive a player package that includes a lot of nice swag.

How to Find an Ace Race Event Near You

On their Ace Race website, there is an event finder tool you can use to find an Ace Race that is taking place in your location.

When you find an Ace Race event near your location, click on the event to find out more information. You’ll be given the location of the course, the time, and the date of the local Ace Race.

What Are the Rules of an Ace Race?

The rules of an Ace Race can vary slightly depending on the location and how the local tournament director organizes the event. But, the rules will be very similar no matter where you participate.

Here are the rules for an Ace Race:

1. Players are Required to Use the Player Package Discs

Each player will receive a player pack on the day of the event. Each pack will consist of two golf discs, a towel, backpack, SnapCap, stickers, and a sports bottle.

The player pack items can differ from year-to-year, but players will always receive two golf discs for use during the Ace Race.

Players are only allowed to use the golf discs that are provided in the player pack. This means that no player is allowed to use their discs for the Ace Race.

2. One Throw Per Player, Per Hole

The format for the Ace Race is one throw, per hole for each player. After each player has taken their throw, the discs will be picked up and the group will move directly to the next tee.

3. Two 18-Hole Rounds Are Played

Players will throw two rounds, with each round consisting of 18-holes each. Each hole will range from 180 feet to 250 feet.

This distance makes an Ace possible for players of any skill level or experience.

4. Groups of up to 8 Players

Each group will consist of up to 8 players. These smaller groups keep the action moving quickly through each hole.

5. Each Player Keeps Their Own Scorecard

Each player in the group is in charge of keeping their score for each hole. For every hole, the player will mark either an “A” for an ace or an “M” for metal.

The “M” is given when the golf disc hits the basket but doesn’t go in the chains. The same scorecard is used for all 36 holes.

6. If Disc is Lost, Second Package Disc is Used

Each player is provided with two discs in their player package. If a disc is lost, the player can use the second disc from the player package.

7. Tie Breakers are Decided by Metal Hits

If there is a toe between two players, the tie can be broken by tallying the “M”‘s on the scorecard. The player with the most metal hits will win the tiebreaker.

If there is still a tie-breaker after the metal hits are counted, Each player will throw the same hole, and the closest disc to the basket will win the tie-breaker.

How Do You Win a Disc Golf Ace Race?

After all, 36-holes have been completed, the player that tallies the most aces, or “A” on their scorecard will be the winner.

Tie-breaker rules can be used if there is a tie in aces over the 36-holes. Scoring formats can vary slightly depending on the preference of the tournament director for a particular location.

How You Can Host a Disc Golf Ace Race

To become a tournament director, or TD as it’s called, you will first have to register on the Disc Golf Ace Race website.

After registering, you’ll have access to your event webpage through the main website. From here you can enter all your event details and information.

Along with signing up for the event page, a TD will be sent a free package that includes a banner, tee flags, pencils, and grand prizes for their event.

This is also where you’ll be able to set up an account to purchase the player packs for the event.

A minimum of 20 player packs must be purchased, so be sure to market and advertise your event to ensure that you meet the minimum purchase requirements for player packs. After the initial purchase, additional purchases can be made with a 10 pack minimum.

The player fee will cover the cost of the player packs, but as the TD you’re going to have to still purchase these up-front.

Summary | Disc Golf Ace Race

Participating in a local Ace Race can be a great way to get acquainted with the local disc golf community if you’re new to disc golf and just a beginner.

The great thing about the Ace Race is that it’s set up to accommodate players of any skill level. Plus, you’ll get some nice gear with your entry fee and the opportunity to win some prizes.

Entering an Ace Race can be a great way for any beginner or recent beginner to get in some extra practice, meet people and have fun.


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